Module Information

Model: RC-TASK2-868


ASK/OOK transmitter module with Crystal oscillator.


Vdc: 2.2 ÷ 3.6Volt

Current:  21/15mA

Frequency: 868.30MHz​

Power : 10dBm

Dimension: 20.32 x 11.43mm 

Model: RC-TFSK3-434


433.92MHz FSK Radio Transmitter Module - Standard Pinout .



Vdc: 2.4 ÷ 3.6Volt

Current: 14.5m

Frequency: 433.92MHz

Powe : 10dBm

Dimension: 20.32 x 11.43mm


Model: RC-TFSK4-434

Description :

433.92MHz FSK Transmitter Module - Standard Pinout.



Vdc: 2.4 ÷ 3.6Volt

Current: 14.5mA

Frequency: 433.92MHz

Power :  10dBm

Dimension: 30.5 x 10.3mm

Reference Schematics





433/868/915MHz Wireless Actuator for Home Automation (ON/OFF)

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Wireless Actuator for Home Automation


Wireless actuator for home automation, composed by  a TX unit controllable via RS232 serial interface and by one or more ACTUATOR units with the possibility to switch from a minimum of 4 up to a maximum of 256 devices (relays).  This wireless control system is designed for the most varied requirements in the field of Home automation, it can be used to activate all kinds of lighting,  as other applications, for example heating / cooling, electric gates, automatic doors and industrial controls. The TX unit can be controlled by a normal PC  by a Raspberry device or by an Arduino microcontroller.  It is possible to have a "point to point" configuration  (No.1 TX unit  - No.1 ACT unit) or a "point-multipoint" configuration (No. 1 TX unit more ACT  units ) up to the possibility of switching 256 users (relays ).


RCQ3-XXX-ACT Actuator board


This board allows to drive 4 relays both in monostable and bistable mode. It is possible use commercial relay board. Must be powered at 5Volt.


RCQ3-XXX-DK Gateway board


The TX unit is equipped with a USB-serial adapter (chip Prolific PL2303), this allows it to be used immediately connecting it to a standard PC or a Raspberry device and then sending simple RS232 commands.


Main characteristics :


- Bidirectional systems

- Sending via Rs232 of a switch command to the ACT unit, to switch N.4 relay in monostable or bistable mode.

- For each switch command sent the Gateway receive a feedback from the ACT.

- It is possible to know the state of the individual relay of a specific ACT unit anytime.

- It si possible to manage more ACT unit.

- Request the RSSI value

- Request the remote configuration and remote battery value.

- Request the remote Temperature value.




This device can be supplied at the following frequencies :  433MHz - 868MHz - 915MHz


Gateway USB Dongle

Actuator Board + Relay Board

The main features of this bidirectional system are:


1) Sending via RS232 of an actuation command to one or more actuator card to actuate the 4 relays.

2) At each actuation command the actuator device sends the feedback relating to the operation performed.

3) It is possible at any time to know the status of the individual relays of a specific actuator card.

4) The relays can be managed in monostable mode and in bistable mode

5) Each actuator has a temperature sensor on board and it is possible to send a command, to know the temperature value of the individual



For each device (gateway and actuator) it is necessary to set the following parameters:

- LOCAL ADDRESS: Device address

- DESTINATION ADDRESS: Address of the device to which you want to


Each device is preconfigured with a default address "7E 7E 7E 7E" this address can be changed or via RS232 commands.

433MHz Version

868MHz Version


915MHz Version

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